Providing sport and adventure emotions is our goal.
Destination finale: 52mn / French
With Polo de Le Rue, Xavier de Le Rue, Serge Cornillat, Mellie Francon, Serge Vitelli, Antoine Diet, Peter Charaf, and the french boardercross team.
10 Winters after: 52mn / English or French
With Cyril Neri, Sven Mermod, José Carron, Xavier de Le Rue, Henrik Windsedt, Alex Coudray, Cowdy Townsend and many others.
Mister M: 23mn / French
With Mike Aeschbach, Didier Defago, José Carron.
Nord: 52mn / French and english subtitled
With Cyril Neri, Polo de Le Rue, Ruth Leisibach, Marja Persson, Olivier Meynet, Fred Serin, Martin Winkler, Mathieu Nicod.
Snow Memory: 7mn / French
With Sven Mermod and Raphaël Aubry.
Urban spirit: 52mn / English
With Micky Iglesias, Basile Amacher, Louis Charaf, Paul Charaf, Jérôme Collomb, Sandro Dias, Terence Bougdour, Fredrik Austbo, Mathias Ringstrom, Neal Hendrix, Jurgen Horvarth, and many others.
The Team: 16mn
With Enzo Locarini, Fred Evequoz, Andy and Sandy Collet, Sylvain “Lamy” Money, Benoit Marxer, Sam Favret, Max Delayen, Cyril Neri, Sven Mermod and Olivier “Millon” Favre.